”My name is Monae Findley, I am orginally from Kingston, Jamaica and migrated to the US 5 years ago. I created Plants For Skin LLC in March 2019, solely to offer reasonable, healthy and vegan skincare products to women who look like me and women in general.
On a personal note, I never truly loved myself, my skin, my hair or how I looked. I was called ugly and overlooked so many times. I basically hated myself and wished I could look or be someone else. I self sabotaged alot! Skin bleaching, self hate talks, I was just toxic. After finding myself through therapy, journaling and daily affirnations I wanted to do the same for other girls who are going through the samething I did. So in 2020, I decided to put Daily Affirmations on each product bottle to remind another girl she is beautiful. Plants For Skin LLC was not created by chance, but built to infiltrate the lives of women with positivity and self love. .

As our name suggests, we believe in holistic, healing, affordable and minimalistic skin care options. All our ingredients are from Mother Nature! Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing are the simple 3- step guide to beautiful skin, and we want to give you just that and alot more. Welcome to a new skin care journey! All our products are made to order, freshly orchestrated with nature. Additionally, when we say Plants For Skin, we also mean your entire body and your hair. Your scalp is apart of your skin too! And if not properly taken care of can lead to hair damage. We want to heal your entire skin Holistically, so look no further! We are here for you!

Founded on March 2019